Testimonials and Case Studies

Thank you for your ongoing service. This has changed our lives and allowed us to sleep at night again and have free time at weekends – rather than constantly doing sums and making / receiving phone calls. I wish I had started to use your service 18 months ago rather than trying to manage it myself!

Sarah from Manchester


Thank you all for the help and support you have provided over the last few years, as well as the final deals concerning the big credit card payments. I honestly don’t feel I could have managed alone

I think I would have been snowed under, in a further state of panic, and a generally bad way. You truly relieved the pressures that were on me to allow for a better state at the end!

Robert from Essex


I just wanted to thank everyone who has dealt with my account over the past few years, your help has made such a difference to me, thank you all very much.

Clare from Hampshire


Just want to say thank you for your help and support…you are the BEST I’ve come across so far…keep up the good work. Once again thank you….x

Alex from London


Thank you for everything yesterday. I think you truly are the Christmas Angel.

Your compassion was outstanding, and I honestly will never forget this. I have been so frightened, probably for years, not sleeping, and thinking of nothing else but my crippling debts.

The relief, I suppose, of hearing a kind voice, and also you not judging me, when you totalled up the amount I owed companies, was too much, and I let go. You really do deserve some sort of recognition from your company.

Mary from Northumberland